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Modoboa 1.6.0 is out

Sept. 14, 2016
Modoboa 1.6.0 is out

A new major version of Modoboa is available and it brings new features we're going to describe in this post. The changelog is available on Github.

DNS checks for managed domains

This is the most interesting feature: Modoboa will now automatically check the MX records of the domains you manage and warn you about different problems:

  • If one of those domains is listed by one or more DNSBL providers
  • If one of those domains does not use a predefined list of IP or netword address

The notifications are sent by email and problems can be viewed directly from the listing page.

To preserve web ui performance, those checks are executed in an asynchronous way. If you want to use this feature, do not forget to planify the regular execution of the dedicated command:

*/30 * * * * <modoboa_site>/manage.py modo check_mx


Differents levels of dashboard have beend added:

  • A global one: accessible by administrators only, it is intended to present a quick overview of your modoboa server
  • A per-domain one: accessible to administrators only, it shows aggregated information about a domain

Anonymous aliases

It is now possible to create aliases using a random local part. You can also define an expiration date and a description on any alias.

Per-account additional sender address(es)

Administrators have the possibility to define extra sender addresses for a given account. It can be useful to allow users to send messages using an address not hosted on your server.

News from the official blog

The first use case of the new global dashboard is the automatic display of the latest news coming from Modoboa's official weblog.

Default administrator username

Instead of the traditional admin, you now have the possibility to choose a different one during the deploy process. Look at the modoboa-admin command help for more information.

No more forwards and distribution lists but only aliases

This historical distinction has been removed since there was no difference anymore behind those 3 words and because some (most ?) of you were confused about it.

New translations

Thanks to our contributors, Modoboa is now available in japanese!

UI changes

To ease the integration of new features, some UI changes have been made.

Buttons used to add a new domain, a new account or a new alias have been moved near the search bar.

Editing a domain, an account or an alias is not done by clicking on its name anymore. A dedicated button has been added, near existing actions.

Instance statistics

You already noticed Modoboa informs you about available updates when you use the web UI. To do so, a public API is maintained by the team and each instance queries it to gather information.

Now, we'd like to know how Modoboa is used so we have made some changes to this API. By default, each instance will know send anonymous statistics containing:

  • Some counters: number of domains, number of mailboxes and more
  • Enabled extensions

Those information will help us to know what you like in Modoboa and what we should work on in order to improve your experience.

To preserve web ui performance, calls to the API are executed asynchronously. Do not forget to add the following line to your crontab if you still want to be notified about updates:

0 * * * * <modoboa_site>/manage.py communicate_with_public_api

As always, you're free to disable this feature if you don't like it.

Update instructions are described in the official documentation.

We hope you'll enjoy those new features and we wait for your feedback :-)