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Open Source email server

Regain your independence and protect your privacy by installing your own email server. It takes less than 10 minutes!

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Create your mail server for free in less than 10 minutes with Modoboa

When it comes to create a mailbox, you generally have several solutions:

  • use the services offered by Internet providers (Orange, Vodafone...) of infrastructure providers (OVH, Gandi...) with a monthly or annual subscription. However, customization and configuration possibilities, domains and mailboxes number are limited.
  • use the services of free email providers (Gmail, Live, Yahoo...) which are limited and your data is used for commercial purposes.
  • Install your own email server, which requires important technical knowledge to setup and configure the system.

Modoboa is an alternative to those 3 options. It frees you from dependence on email providers and makes accessible to all the creation his own secure email server. The whole thing, in less than 10 minutes and freely.

Modoboa brings together Open Source's finest in a single interface

Modoboa brings together the best open source tools to install, configure and secure your own email server.

The email server generated by Modoboa offers your the same functionalities than typical hosting services:

  • webmail: consult emails through a web navigator
  • Calendars management
  • Address books management
  • Creation of filtering rules to organize emails
  • Auto-responder
  • Unlimited creation of domains, mailboxes and aliases
  • Administrator tools: statistics, migration tool...

No need to install each component individually anymore, Modoboa's installer deals with 95% of the work in less than 10 minutes. You just have to configure your DNS.


Nowadays, Modoboa records more than 800 000 mailboxes, and require a huge maintenance and support work. Help us to improve the product et contribute to finance the next features of Modoboa.


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An email server which protects your privacy and secure your data

When you install your own email server, you protect your privacy. You know where your data is stored because you choose to host it on a server you host at home or a server on the Internet, and you are the only person who can administer it.

Modoboa encrypts all communications between your email server and the outside by default, using the TLS protocol and a valid certificate provided by Let's Encrypt, a nonprofit Certificate Authority.

Modoboa also protects your reputation on the Internet by using SPF, DKIM an DMARC protocols.

The Modoboa team helps you to install and maintain your email server

You don't have the knowledge to install your email server on your own? Our team is here and offers assistance via the following services:

Installation or upgrade

Assistance to solve a specific issue on an existing installation

Maintenance of your email server for 1 year