What is it

Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform including a modern and simplified Web User Interface. It comes with useful components such as an administration panel, a frontend for amavis or a webmail.

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Install Modoboa

> git clone
> cd modoboa-installer
> sudo ./ <your domain>


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Administration panel

An awesome online panel to manage domains, mailboxes, aliases and more!

Administration panel

Quarantine management

Amavis frontend

An intuitive way to manage your quarantine content and to define per-domain settings.

Builtin monitoring

Follow the evolution of your server traffic thanks to a few builtin graphics: messages distribution per type and average size.

Monitoring statistics

Help and support

Community help

If you have any question, the mailing list is the right place to go. You can ask everything you need as long as it concerns Modoboa. The IRC channel #modoboa is also available on

Professional help

Need help to plan, install and rollout Modoboa? Need support for an existing installation? Modoboa is missing a killing feature and you are ready to sponsor it? Please contact us, we are here to help you.

Help Modoboa to become sustainable

Maintaining, adding new features and providing help to the community require time and work. If you use Modoboa on a daily basis and care about its future, you can sponsor it today using one of the following ways.


You want to participate


Github logo

Github is used to manage the development of Modoboa. It is the right place if you want to submit new tickets (bug, feature request, etc.) or to follow what's coming next.


Transifex logo

Modoboa is available in different languages such as english, french, german and more. We use Transifex and its nice web user interface to ease the management of translations and to allow anybody to help.


Hack logo

Modoboa comes with a simple API that allows you to create extensions. If you think Modoboa is lacking an important functionality and that you can handle it, just clone the repository and start coding.