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Modoboa 1.6.1 is available

Oct. 12, 2016

A new minor release of Modoboa is available. It fixes some issues introducted by the 1.6.0 and and brings a new command to generate postfix map files.

The changelog is available on Github.

Postfix map files management

The command used to generate map files has been reworked and it is now a regular Django management command. The big advantage of this change is that providing database credentials is not required anymore because the ones defined in the settings.py file will be used by default. If you need different credentials, an option is available.

Additionaly, a new upgrade mode has also been introduced, allowing you to run the command on existing files without modifying recorded credentials. Only the SQL query will be updated if needed.

Running the command to generate map files is pretty simple:

> python manage.py generate_postfix_maps --destdir <path>

Manual actions required to fix 1.6.0 issues

First of all, update postfix map files as follows:

> python manage.py generate_postfix_maps --destdir <path> --force-overwrite

Then, modify postfix's configuration as follows:

smtpd_sender_login_maps =

Replace <driver> and <path> by your values.

Finally, reload postfix.


This release also deprecates some internal functions. As a result, several extensions has been updated to maintain the compatibility. If you enabled the notification service, you'll find the list of available updates directly in your Modoboa console.

For the others, here is the list:

Name Version
modoboa-amavis 1.0.10
modoboa-postfix-autoreply 1.1.7
modoboa-radicale 1.0.5
modoboa-stats 1.0.9


Do not forget to upgrade them !