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A calendar for Modoboa

April 6, 2018
A calendar for Modoboa

A few years ago, we introduced the modoboa-radicale plugin, relying on the Radicale server, to allow the manipulation of personnal and shared calendars. It was a good start but it was incomplete.

Today, we're pleased to announce the release of a new major version which introduces the possibility to use those calendars directly in Modoboa! You can now consult your events, add new ones, etc. The proposed functionalities are pretty simple yet but we hope you'll enjoy them and propose enhancements. Some documentation about the setup is available and we will complete it soon.

Last but not least, the official installer now deploys a working Radicale setup, integrated with Modoboa for the authentication part. It means you can also access your calendars from the outside using any CalDAV compatible client (Thunderbird, your smartphone, etc.)

A new step has been taken :)