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An address book for Modoboa

April 24, 2017
An address book for Modoboa

Here is a good news to begin the week: a new address book plugin is available for Modoboa!

You can now manage your contacts from Modoboa:

  • Create/edit/delete contacts from a dedicated page
  • Add new contacts to your address book directly from a message
  • Look for email addresses when you compose a new message

This is a first release so the number of features is pretty small but we will complete them in the future and your feedback will help us ;-)

Please note you need to use the following versions if you want to install this plugin:

  • modoboa >= 1.7.3
  • modoboa-webmail >= 1.1.3

Installation instructions are described on Github.

One last technical detail: it is the first plugin to introduce a new internal architecture. The back-end part is a REST API (using django-rest-framework) and the front-end part is a javascript application developed using VueJS 2. We may generalize this architecture in the future so stay tuned and don't hesitate to propose your help if you are interested :-)