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Professional services for Modoboa

Feb. 7, 2017
Professional services for Modoboa

You are more and more each day to use Modoboa and I thank you for that. I'm very proud of this attractiveness but it also represents an increasing workload in order to assist users. Mail is a wide subject which requires a lot of knowledge and, even if Modoboa tries to simplify it, it is not perfect yet. (but one day it will!)

In addition to that, working on the software to make it even better and to answer your needs requires time and so financial resource (because Modoboa is a free software I maintain on my non-professional time).

For all those reasons, and also because I want to invest more on this project I love, I officially launch a professional services activity. First available ones are:

  • Installation of a complete server
  • Update of an existing installation
  • Ticket Support

I already work as a freelancer for a few years (in France), I had few opportunities to work on such services in the past, it was time to make this activity an official one. You will find more information on the website.

To finish, you can be sure Modoboa will stay a free software and that it is not incompatible with a professional activity ;-)

Do not hesitate to contact me using the form available on the website, I will be glad to answer you!