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New extensions

June 10, 2015

The set of functionalities provided by Modoboa is growing up with the release of 2 new extensions: modoboa-pdfcredentials and modoboa-imap-migration!


This little tool might help administrators in their daily work since it automatically creates a new PDF document each time a new account is created. This document will contain the access url to Modoboa and the credentials (username and password) of the account. Then, it can be easily printed and given (or sent) to its owner.

For security reasons, the documents are encrypted before they are stored on the server and they will be removed just after the first download.

You will find more information on Github.


If you plan to migrate your existing server to another one using Modoboa, this extension is for you! Based on OfflineImap, it will ease the migration of existing mailboxes using the IMAP protocol. Once installed on the new server, users will launch a dedicated migration for their account the first time they connect to Modoboa!

You will find more information on Github.