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Modoboa at PyconFR

Oct. 16, 2014
Modoboa at PyconFR

A presentation about Modoboa will be given at PyconFR 2014.


PyconFR is the annual meetup of Python users, organized by AFPy, Association Francophone Python, the French Python Association. The conference is free as in free beer. Each year, it's a place to meet more than 200 developers from France and around the world.

This year the conference is taking place in Lyon, France, on saturday, october 25th.

Modoboa @ PyconFR

Antoine Nguyen will be presenting on saturday 2014-10-25  14:00–14:30.

These topics will be covered during the talk :

  • Once upon a time ... the origins of Modoboa: why Python ?
  • Here and now. An overview of existing functionalities, from both administrator and user point of view.
  • Email is not dead ! Next release comes with a bunch of new functionalities. It's time to show them.
  • No fun to play alone. Modoboa integrates within Python ecosystem: the relationship with Radicale calendar server is the best example.
  • On the road again. The door is open, Modoboa has a lot of evolution possibilities.