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Oct. 16, 2015

Today is a great day since we are proud to announce the availability of an installer for Modoboa!

Modoboa was already shipped with a management command allowing easy deployments but the configuration of external components such as postfix, amavis or dovecot was still a challenge for some people.

With this new tool, no more excuse, it will install everything for …

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Nov. 6, 2014

A new version of Modoboa is available. It is mainly a maintenance version but it also brings a new feature: the possibility to manually train SpamAssassin from quarantine's content.

Read the documentation to know more about this feature.

As usual, the changelog is available on Github.

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Sept. 9, 2012

It's been a while since the last update (stuck into 0.8.6), an update was needed!

The virtual machine now provides the latest version (0.9.2) and includes a functional amavisd-new setup.

you'll find it here. Enjoy :)

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July 9, 2012

A new version is available. It brings a lot of bug fixes and few new features:

  • At last, a python package is available on the PyPI
  • Modoboa is now a real Django application and can be used in this way (thanks to Patrick Hetu)
  • Amavis per-domain settings support
  • New portuguese translation (thanks to Miguel Clara)

The complete list of changes …

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