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Release: Modoboa 2.2.0

Aug. 30, 2023

Modoboa 2.2.0 is available for your mail server !

 What's new

  • Django has been updated to version 4.2. This means that:
    • Minimum supported Python version is now 3.8+
    • Minimum Postgresql-server version is now 12.
  • Added support for Python 3.11. Thanks to @florealcab
  • The migration toward the new-admin interface is continuing, and bugs are being fixed as well as some QoL improvements:
    • A new "stats" panel has replaced the "logs" one. It combines more in depth stats for Admins.
    • Improve display of errors when saving parameters.
    • Better and easier alias management for identities.
    • Better and more secure TFA setup/management.
  • It is now possible to set up send-only accounts (accounts without mailbox).
    • Note: The Webmail may not work with this feature for now.
  • We have started migrating jobs from cron to RQ. Only the dkim job has been migrated as a test for now. It removes the need for cron jobs and allow tasks to be quickly executed in the background.
  • We have updated the translation file, feel free to start translating the project ! More information here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error with forwards/internal aliases.
  • Fixed parameters refusing to save when disabling pdf_credentials component.
  • Updated some dependencies.

How to update ?

Simply follow the guide available here . To use the installer to perform the upgrade you NEED to update it. There is a guide on how to do it on the Upgrade documentation page.

Don't forget to update the new-admin interface as well !


Modoboa has implemented the Github sponsor functionality. Don't hesitate to donate if you like the project!

You can donate here !


Feel free to use the automated installer to start using modoboa ! More information here.

Thank you !

The modoboa team