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Modoboa 2.1.0 is out!

April 26, 2023

 What's new

  • DMARC, PDF Credentials and IMAP Migration are now part of the core package. No need anymore to add these extensions manually ! They are of course fully customizable, you can deactivate these features if not needed. You can also find the documentation on the main repo.
  • The migration toward the new-admin interface is continuing, and bugs are being fixed as well as some QoL improvements.
  • We have updated the translation file, feel free to start translating the project ! More information here.

Bug fixes

  • CRSF security on some endpoints (@tonioo), in some rare cases it was possible to trick the user to edit domains and identities.
  • Form are now reset on new-admin after being closed (@tonioo).
  • DKIM key writing issues are now reported as an alarm on new-admin (@Spitfireap)
  • Fixed the possibility to update the user password when it was logged without confirming its old password (@tonioo).
  • Show quota usage in new UI (@tonioo).

How to update ?

Simply follow the guide available here . For this update, please update your package with pip, then follow the specific instructions and ounce done apply migration. This is especially important if you have modoboa-pdfcredentials, modoboa-dmarc and/or modoboa-imap-migration.

Don't forget to update the new-admin interface as well !


Modoboa has implemented the Github sponsor functionality. Don't hesitate to donate if you like the project!

You can donate here !

Thank you !

The modoboa team