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Modoboa 1.5.1 is out

May 3, 2016

A new major version of Modoboa is available, including some long awaited features !


The bigger part of this release concerns the API. It is now possible to manipulate all objects through a REST/json interface. You can:

  • List, create, modify and delete domains and domain aliases
  • List, create, modify and delete accounts and aliases
  • Assign permissions on domains
  • Etc.

A documentation is available with each modoboa instance. You can see a working example on the official demo.

Per-domain limits

In addition to per-admin limits about object creations, resellers and super administrators can now define per-domain limits:

  • Maximum number of allowed domain aliases
  • Maximum number of allowed domain administrators
  • Maximum number of allowed mailboxes
  • Maximum number of allowed aliases

This feature is not enabled by default, go to Modoboa > Parameters > Limits to change it.


  • Added support for bcrypt as a new password scheme
  • Django 1.9 is now the required branch

The full changelog is available on Github.


Due to the Django upgrade, some extensions have been updated because they were not compatible anymore. Here is the list:

  • modoboa-amavis 1.0.7
  • modoboa-postfix-autoreply 1.1.6
  • modoboa-stats 1.0.6
  • modoboa-sievelib 1.0.5
  • modoboa-webmail 1.0.4

Please make sure to upgrade the ones you use.