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Modoboa 1.2.0-rc1 is out

Dec. 7, 2014

Here is the first release candidate of the next major version of Modoboa: the 1.2.0.

Major changes

  1.  Boostrap has been updated to 3.3.1 so the general look&feel has changed a bit. The interface should be more responsive too
  2. RRDtool graphics has been replaced by a more pretty and dynamic version using d3.js. Don't panic, you won't have any change to make since the RRD files are still used
  3. It is now possible to manage Radicale calendars through Modoboa. For this first release, the focus has been made on access rules
  4. The postfixadmin migration script has been updated
  5. A new notification service alerts you about new Modoboa versions

As always, the list of all changes is available on Github.


Unfortunately, some translations are far from complete. If you have time to help us on this task, you're welcome!


Even if the 1.2.0 is a major release, the upgrade procedure is quick to apply and there is no database changes. You'll find it on the official documentation. You'll also find some notes about the radicale extension.


You might have noticed that we talk about a release candidate here. The upgrade to bootstrap 3 has been difficult to handle so it is possible that some bugs still live. Do not hesitate to report issues on Github or on the list.

Thanks in advance for your help!