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Installer upgrade mode

Why is it interesting?

Upgrading a modoboa installation can be difficult.

A regular upgrade does not require a lot of work but sometimes, additional and manual operations are needed. The online documentation always provides the required instructions per version but we can all make mistakes or forgot to apply one instruction.

The installer was already an answer to the very same problem regarding manual installation so improving it to let it upgrade a previous installation does make sense.

How will it be implemented?

A new --upgrade option will be added to make the distinction between a fresh install and an upgrade. Upgrading an installation using the installer will be as simple as:

$ sudo ./run.py --upgrade <your domain>

Please note that this mode will require you to keep the original configuration file (ie. the one generated during the first installation).

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it :-)

Feature is available!

March 19, 2019

Dear contributors,

once again thank your for your support, it makes Modoboa better every day :)

An experimental upgrade mode for the installer has just been released so you can already use it. Please be carefull since it needs more testing and might produces side effects. As always, backup everything before you start ;-)

You'll find more information on the README page.

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Anonymous contributor 10/02/2018 €50.00
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Marios Tsiakiris 01/20/2019 €10.00
David Van Espen (ICT & Havenconsulting CVBA) 01/25/2019 €10.00
Anonymous contributor 01/30/2019 €10.00
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Anonymous contributor 02/25/2019 €5.00
Sven Kinne 02/25/2019 €50.00

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