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New DNS checks

Why is it interesting?

Modoboa already runs DNS queries on domains to check if MX records are well declared and well configured and if associated IP addresses are not listed by DNSBL providers. It is useful but it can be better! The idea of this feature is to add new queries to:

  • Check if SPF records are declared and well configured
  • For DKIM keys generated by Modoboa, check if associated records are declared and well configured
  • Check if DMARC records are declared and well configured
  • Check if autoconfig related records are declared and well configured

Once all those checks will be implemented, Modoboa will offer a complete and automatic healthcheck of every defined domain and that's priceless!

How will it be integrated

Better DNS checks

The existing cron task will be completed to integrate those new checks and, as you can see in the picture above, new labels will be added to display the result in both domain list and domain detail views. We will also add new settings to control which checks must be run or not.

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it :-)

Feature is available!

Jan. 4, 2019

Dear sponsors,

the feature has been implemented and is available with Modoboa 1.13.0.

Thank you for your support!

Name Date amount
Benoit MOREAU 09/28/2018 €10.00
Fabrice Piccinali (FAZAE) 10/01/2018 €100.00
Anonymous contributor 11/06/2018 €20.00
Dan Mortensen 12/24/2018 €10.00
Anonymous contributor 01/04/2019 €360.00

€500.00 on a goal of €500.00


5 contributors

Successully funded!