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Per domain DKIM signing using OpenDKIM

Why is it interesting?

DKIM is one of the most important authentication mechanism used nowadays to protect your domain's reputation on the Internet. Main email providers are very restrictive against domains not using it.

The principle is easy: every email you send is automatically signed by your server using a private key and receiving servers can check the validity of this signature using a public key available within the DNS zone of your domain.

Thus if the verification fails, it is easier to detect phishing attacks for example.

How will it be integrated?

Modoboa won't sign messages but OpenDKIM will. This software is designed for this purpose and integrates well with Postfix. The installer will be updated to integrate a working setup which will communicate with Modoboa.

What Modoboa will provide is the ability to generate signing key pairs per domain in a easy way:

domain form with dkim option

And a quick way to display the public key to let you configure your DNS zone:

domain detail view with dkim

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it ;-)

The installer is OpenDKIM ready

April 4, 2018

Dear all,

once again thank you for your support. I'm glad to announce you that the installer now deploys a functional OpenDKIM setup! You will find more detail about the implementation on Github.

As a bonus, I've started to work on a little rspamd plugin which makes use of the generated DKIM keys. I'll add some documentation soon.

First part available

Feb. 2, 2018

Dear all,

the first part of this feature (ability to generate DKIM keys from Modoboa) has been released with the 1.10.0 version. You will find some details in the related Github issue.

We hope you will enjoy it and once again, thank you for your support!

Name Date amount
Dennis Kamp (kamp.tech) 12/11/2017 €5.00
Volker Kerkhoff 12/15/2017 €5.00
Anonymous contributor 12/17/2017 €10.00
Remco de Hiep (Reto Internetburo) 12/19/2017 €50.00
Peter Witjes (cpu) 12/21/2017 €50.00
Vincent Sneyers 12/22/2017 €30.00
Lucas Chumley 12/23/2017 €20.00
Anonymous contributor 12/24/2017 €10.00
Marcel Blenkers 12/31/2017 €10.00
Alan Hodgson 12/31/2017 €20.00
Anonymous contributor 01/05/2018 €9.99 (0.0050000 BCH)
Rafael Pinilla 02/02/2018 €200.00
Anonymous contributor 02/13/2018 €20.00
Anonymous contributor 03/10/2018 €10.00
Anonymous contributor 03/10/2018 €10.00
Anonymous contributor 03/13/2018 €20.00
Mark Schouten (Tuxis Internet Engineering) 03/16/2018 €121.00

€600.99 on a goal of €600.00


17 contributors

Successully funded!