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Forward and keep local copies

Why is it interesting?

Modoboa already lets you define a forward and choose if you want to keep local copies in your inbox but it is a global setting which applies to all emails. Using a message filter will let you select only a subset of the emails you receive and/or run additional action.

How will it be integrated?

The existing redirect to action will be updated to add a Keep local copies option:

redirect and keep copy rule

This change will also require to modify the sievelib module which currently does not support the :copy extension.

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it ;-)

Functionality available

Dec. 7, 2017

Dear all,

the functionality has been developed and is available starting with version 1.3.0 of the sievefilters plugin.

Once again, thank you for your contribution and we hope you'll enjoy this new feature!

Name Date amount
Eric Seigne (COOP'Alpha - CAP-REL - Éric Seigne) 11/20/2017 €50.00
Jean Peyratout 11/20/2017 €50.00
Anonymous contributor 11/20/2017 €25.00

€125.00 on a goal of €125.00


3 contributors

Successully funded!