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Sender address selection

Why is it interesting?

Modoboa offers the possibility to create aliases and to define additional sender addresses at account level. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use them from the webmail. The idea here is to allow end users to choose the sender address they want to use when sending a new email.

How will it be integrated?

A new field, containing the list of all valid sender address of the connected user, will be added to the message composing form.

Valid addresses for a given account are:

  • The primary email
  • Aliases of the primary email
  • Extra sender addresses defined at account level

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it ;-)

Functionality available

May 24, 2017

The development is over and this feature has been released with the version 1.1.5 of the webmail plugin. Enjoy :-)

Starting development

May 17, 2017

Now than the feature is sponsored, we can start the development as expected. You can follow its evolution directly from Github.

Name Date amount
Ronald Otto (Tuxis Internet Engineering) 05/17/2017 €125.00

€125.00 on a goal of €125.00


1 contributor

Successully funded!