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Password reset service

Why is it interesting?

At the moment, when someone forgot his Modoboa password, the only way he can retrieve it is to ask an administrator to reset it. It is clearly not the best workflow ever and it is far from instant. As for many web applications today, the idea is to integrate a password reset service to the login page, allowing users to retrieve access to their account themselves.

How will it be integrated?

A link will be added to the login screen, something like "I forgot my password". When a user will click on it, an email, containing a unique link to define a new password, will be sent to his secondary email.

Password reset button

If you need/want/like this feature, it is time to sponsor it :-)

Functionality available

June 30, 2017

The development is done and the functionality has been released with the 1.8.0 version. Enjoy! :-)

Starting development

June 22, 2017

Now that the feature has been sponsored, we can start the development. You can follow it directly from Github.

Name Date amount
Olle Gustafsson (Dalnix AB) 06/18/2017 €250.00

€250.00 on a goal of €250.00


1 contributor

Successully funded!